Kid Yoga


Kids have such an amazing awareness of their body.  The way they move, their core strength, their centre of gravity.  As children age they tend to lose that body awareness.  What I love most about teaching children yoga is seeing the mind body connection children are able to create and keep for life. When you see children that love movement be still at the end of class for a few minutes, giving their bodies time to slow down. Giving their minds time to slow down.  Both equally important.  

I am a huge advocate for anti-bullying.  Kids have a hard enough time going through changes, dealing with school, dealing with friends, teachers, family

- no one ever deserves to be bullied - no one ever deserves to be left out - no one ever deserves unkindness -

I believe small changes make big differences.  Yoga can help one child find something they needed in their day, maybe even just for a moment.  To me that is more than you could even imagine.  

I am in schools as often as I can be. teaching children yoga.  Teaching children breathe and build self esteem.

Birthday parties are a great way to introduce yoga! I can bring yoga to you and your little ones!