Dani Parks Yoga



My life is my squad, three girls and one little man.  They bring so much joy and grounded to my life. If I could capture every moment of their life through photos I would, trust me I try.

Before yoga and mom life I worked in a high stress corporate job, attending university classes at night.  When I started practicing yoga, it was all about the work out, it was all about the sweat.  I remember holding a plank and my core muscles full engaged in a pigeon pose and the teacher made a comment to me about my jaw being so tightly clenched.  That was the first time I noticed how much tension I was holding in my body. Soften what you can, let go of what you can, I starting with my face. What else could I release.  From there I found my breath. That is when I truly connected with yoga. Beyond the physical capacity. That is when I fell in love with what yoga was to me. I know the challenges I have been blessed with in this life are so I can empower others with the knowledge that all we have to do is look inside for the answers.