Dani Parks Yoga

 dani Parks


Before yoga and mom life I worked in a high stress accounting job, while finishing my degree taking classes at night. I had my four babies young and got married, did the pattern of life I was raised to think was perfect, degrees, house, marriage and babies. When I turned 30 I realized there was so much more to life than what I was expected to do.  When I started practicing yoga, it was all about the work out, it was all about the sweat. It took me a few years before I truly connected with yoga. Beyond the physical capacity.  I know the challenges I have been blessed with in this life are so I can empower others with the knowledge that all we have to do is look inside for the answers.  Both my mind and body crave being on my mat, it is a safe place to ground myself. While some days my practice is handstand based or more physically demanding other days its meditation and being mindful of what I need.  My practice has helped me along the way in the new transitions in my life being a single mama of four.